Salavat and Arslanbek revive the tradition of nomadic peoples with their award-winning "Eagle Hunting Show" Eagle Hunting - Kirghizistan For centuries, in the regions of Central Asia, nomadic communities have preserved the ancient Kazakh tradition of hunting with the golden eagle, handing it down from generation to generation. Skilled "Eagle Hunters" are known as búrkitshy.... Continue Reading →


Spending 3 days on horseback crossing the mountains of Kyrgyzstan to reach Song-kul lake was a great experience. Luca Oliveri - Songkol lake Have you ever horse ridden? I didn’t! Initially, I was hesitant and fearful of making mistakes or not being able to complete the adventure, but as with any adventure, a good dose... Continue Reading →


Does Hawaii have the best beaches in the world? Maui - Luca Oliveri Thinking of Hawaii, each of us imagines breathtaking beaches and crystal clear sea. Although Hawaii is much more than beaches and beautiful sea, here is my list of the 4 most special and magical beaches that we can discover on a trip... Continue Reading →

4 days in Big Island – Hawaii

I love Hawaii and I don't miss an opportunity to go back there because I consider these islands my "home". This year I was lucky enough to visit Big Island for the first time, the largest and youngest of the islands. What to visit if you only have 4 days available? Waipio Valley - "The... Continue Reading →


What will you do during the Christmas holidays? Have you decided to go on a trip somewhere in the world? Here are the 3 best experiences you could have. Times Square - Luca Oliveri Lapland Lapland is a wildland, even more during the winter, when the landscape is transformed into the land of Santa Claus.... Continue Reading →

3 days in New York

3 days in New York for the long weekend of 8 December represent an ideal mini-vacation to unwind. Manhattan Bridge - Luca Oliveri New York, "the big apple", "the city of dreams" Also known as  "the big apple" or "the city of dreams" New York is one of the most desired cities in the world,... Continue Reading →


In autumn the days become shorter, the air is fresher, the food is richer, and the colors are more dazzling. Is October an ideal time to enjoy Norway's colorful fall scenery? Is October an ideal time to enjoy Norway's colorful fall scenery? I've spent 1 week traveling along the West Coast and Fjords at the... Continue Reading →

Armenian’s road trip on a Lada Niva 4×4

Armenia is a fascinating and culturally rich country. Outside the classic itineraries proposed by tour operators there are splendid places of indescribable beauty. I traveled on a 4x4 Lada Niva which allowed me to reach all the stops that I had set for myself

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