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Haiku Stairs

Stairway to Heaven – the most magical place on Earth CHAPTER 1 – OCTOBER 2017 We arrived in front of the main gate. Closed! Bolts and padlocks. Peremptory prohibition messages: ‘Private property. Government property. Don’t cross. Violators will be punished according to the law.’ Disappointed, we couldn’t understand. CHAPTER 2 A gentleman in his seventies … Continue reading Haiku Stairs

Aurora Igloo

A solitary glass igloo in the middle of the lake Think about this: A solitary place in the middle of a frozen lake during the Lappish winter, plus 21 degrees celsius inside that let you stay lazy in your glass igloo, minus 26 degrees celsius outside, a spectacular view from your bed of the wild … Continue reading Aurora Igloo

Vintage Algarve Coast

An iconic road trip on a vw t2 Campervan The VW T2 Camper is an iconic symbol of carefree rolling freedom. It has been dragging artists, surfers, family and adventurers since 1950. When you attempt to drive it, it’s always intrepid, so you have to relax, slow down and take your time.Then, your holiday’s starting … Continue reading Vintage Algarve Coast

Spitzkoppe – The best Namibian night

Forget lush forests rife with birds songs…if you are a climber, a rock hound or a star gazer, Spitzkoppe is your Eden. The Spitzkoppe is often referred to as “the Matterhorn of Namibia” which means “pointed dome“. It is a group of bald granite peaks or inselbergs located between Usakos and Swakopmund in the Namib desert. The granite is more than 120 million years old … Continue reading Spitzkoppe – The best Namibian night

Nordic primitive luxury, your private island for 48 hours

a life experience… Ever thought about escaping for 48 hours this loud and crowded world and being surrounded by untouched nature and silence? Yes? I did, and it has been amazing. I loved every single moment of that singular life experience. In perfect harmony with its surroundings, there is a private island retreat, not far from Stockholm, that … Continue reading Nordic primitive luxury, your private island for 48 hours

Lake Iseo: traveling in the Covid period

Lake Iseo, also known as Sebino, is the fourth largest lake in the north of Italy, fed by the Oglio river. Lake Iseo retains its natural beauty, with its lush green mountains surrounding the crystal clear lake. Several medieval towns around the lake could be charming to visit and reachable by car or, if you want a particular experience, by a self-drive … Continue reading Lake Iseo: traveling in the Covid period

The abandoned hotel in Switzerland “revives” today on social networks … with some thrills

Italian Article on press journal “Il Messaggero“ The Photographer Luca Oliveri shared with his followers a clip about this abandoned hotel in Switzerland «This hotel was built in 1882 and is now abandoned. Its charm scares me and seduces me at the same time. Would you spend a night here alone? The hotel in question … Continue reading The abandoned hotel in Switzerland “revives” today on social networks … with some thrills

Laos – Conscious tourism

Laos is an enigmatic and vivid experience for the adventurous.It is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the region, reflecting its geographic location as a crossroads of Asia. Dark and dreamy jungle, bright rice fields and tea leaves that cover the mountains: the landscape romantically changes shades of green. When it comes to … Continue reading Laos – Conscious tourism


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