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La Rainbow Mountain deserta

La più famosa montagna colorata del mondo è ora deserta. Non più folle di turisti o venditori ambulanti ma il solo epico, spettacolare paesaggio andino e questa vetta che assomiglia ad un arcobaleno La Rainbow Mountain tra Quispicanchi e Canchis Contrasti tra le popolazioni locali sul diritto di accesso ai sentieri che conducono alla famosa … Continue reading La Rainbow Mountain deserta


Does Hawaii have the best beaches in the world? Thinking of Hawaii, each of us imagines breathtaking beaches and crystal clear sea. Although Hawaii is much more than beaches and beautiful sea, here is my list of the 4 most special and magical beaches that we can discover on a trip around Hawaiian islands. Does … Continue reading BEST HAWAIIAN BEACHES

3 days in New York

3 days in New York for the long weekend of 8 December represent an ideal mini-vacation to unwind. New York, “the big apple”, “the city of dreams” Also known as  “the big apple” or “the city of dreams” New York is one of the most desired cities in the world, one of the metropolises where … Continue reading 3 days in New York


In autumn the days become shorter, the air is fresher, the food is richer, and the colors are more dazzling. Is October an ideal time to enjoy Norway’s colorful fall scenery? Is October an ideal time to enjoy Norway’s colorful fall scenery? I’ve spent 1 week traveling along the West Coast and Fjords at the … Continue reading NORWAY IN OCTOBER

Armenian’s road trip on a Lada Niva 4×4

Armenia is a fascinating and culturally rich country. Outside the classic itineraries proposed by tour operators there are splendid places of indescribable beauty. I traveled on a 4×4 Lada Niva which allowed me to reach all the stops that I had set for myself

Vang Vieng – The best hiking trails

Vang Vieng is a little town in the middle of nowhere in Laos, once a crazy town dominated by wild backpackers, now an eco-adventure destination, attracting the usual backpackers and adventurers and thrill-seekers alike. This place has never been more attractive than now, with boutique hotels and high-end restaurants replacing some of the party-laden backpacker … Continue reading Vang Vieng – The best hiking trails

The Wanderlust Syndrome

Ever heard about the Wanderlust Syndrome? It’s a strong impulse to self-development through experiencing the unknown, facing unforeseen challenges, understanding different cultures, lifestyles and behaviors. Wanderlust syndrome is much more than just wanting to go on vacation, though. We all have that. It’s more that desire that comes from a “need” to go beyond our comfort … Continue reading The Wanderlust Syndrome


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