What will you do during the Christmas holidays? Have you decided to go on a trip somewhere in the world? Here are the 3 best experiences you could have.

Times Square – Luca Oliveri


Lapland is a wildland, even more during the winter, when the landscape is transformed into the land of Santa Claus.

Haven’t you ever dreamed as a child of spending a few days playing completely immersed in the snow?

Would you like to meet the sweet and cuddly huskies or the impassive and funny reindeer?

And if on your bucket list, there’s sleeping in a glass igloo admiring the Northern Lights in the dark sky of the Arctic night, from the warmth of your bed, Lapland is the destination you absolutely must choose for your next trip.

I suggest you consider the Swedish Lapland, most of all if you prefer an exclusive trip with fewer tourists, where you can meet authentic people who will accompany you on your excursions with competence.

Swedish Lapland – Luca Oliveri

Where to sleep?

Aurora Igloo Hotel (now Peace and Quite Hotel)

Think about this: A solitary place in the middle of a frozen lake during the Lappish winter, plus 21 degrees celsius inside that let you stay lazy in your glass igloo, minus 26 degrees celsius outside, a spectacular view from your bed of the wild nature just some meters from you. And when the polar night comes the Northern Lights spectacle begins just in front of you. At least this was my hope.

Lapland Guesthouse

There is a place far, far away, beyond the polar circle where you could meet the genuine Lappish Experience. They have several different types of accommodations: unique single and double rooms, cabins and even standalone secluded housing like my loft-looking room with a comfortable double bed and a fantastic wood stove or the nice “Viking room” more suitable for a family.

Lapland Glass Igloo- Luca Oliveri


Also known as  “the big apple” or “the city of dreams” New York is one of the most desired cities in the world, one of the metropolises where every dream can come true, especially after the lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

The possible activities in New York are endless. Your trip, even if only for a few days, cannot miss the Brooklyn Bridge and a photo in front of the Manhattan Bridge, enjoying the magnificent view of the city skyline. I would then spend a day walking around Times Square and Central Park.

At sunset, it’s a must to go up the Rockefeller Center at Top of the Rock to enjoy a fantastic view of the city and the Empire State Building.

There are also many museums in New York: don’t miss the MET, the MOMA and the New Museum. And, after a day of shopping, why not attend an evening musical on Broadway?

New York reel – Luca Oliveri


There are fantastic hotels of every level in New York. One of the prerogatives of the city is obviously the feeling of being inside a concrete jungle. Why not choose a room with a great view of New York? I recommend the Arlo Nomad hotel. Upon your arrival, ask for one of the King Sky rooms on the higher floors to enjoy a splendid view of the city from the glass window. It is one of the 10 best room view hotels in New York.

Arlo Nomad Hotel – Luca Oliveri


It is impossible to not love these islands. Mythology, Pacific Ocean, the most fascinating treks in the world. Waikiki, Honolulu. The Aloha spirit. Do you need anything else to start dreaming?

Do volcanic islands have an energetic imprint? At the summit of Haleakalā it’s easy to forget where you came from as you look out onto what feels like another world. At dawn, I was suspended in a soft sea of clouds in one of the most magical moments of my life, full of freedom and peace.

It is the intimate contact with nature or, sometimes, with ourselves, the protagonist of the travel.

For example, I had my most intense experience climbing the 3922 steps of the Haiku Stairs, on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. There I found that I did not climb the ridge to the summit just to enjoy the magnificent scenery, but gradually I saw myself reflected into nature and I experienced a great feeling of well-being.

Have you ever heard about the Kalalau Trail? It’s a truly life experience along the Nā Pali Coast of Kauai. The trail runs approximately 11 miles (18 km) along the island’s north shore from Keʻe Beach to the Kalalau Valley and then to the Kalalau Beach. It’s one of the most beautiful, and dangerous, hikes in the world.

Oahu – Luca Oliveri

Where to sleep?

The Waikiki area is full of fantastic resorts. Just out of Honolulu, you can find many accommodations surrounded by nature or cottages directly on the beach. Why not? Have you ever thought of sleeping in a tent in the middle of the Hawaiian forest or along a beautiful trail?

Maui – Red Beach – Luca Oliveri

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