Spitzkoppe – The best Namibian night

Forget lush forests rife with birds songs…if you are a climber, a rock hound or a star gazer, Spitzkoppe is your Eden.

The Spitzkoppe is often referred to as “the Matterhorn of Namibia” which means “pointed dome“. It is a group of bald granite peaks or inselbergs located between Usakos and Swakopmund in the Namib desert. The granite is more than 120 million years old and the highest outcrop rises about 1,728 metres (5,669 ft) above sea level. The peaks stand out dramatically from the flat surrounding plains.

The nearest town is Usakos. From the B2, take D1918 to D3716. This is approximately 50 km from the town.

The Spitzkoppe area is managed by a women’s cooperative

The Spitzkoppe area is managed by a women’s cooperative who maintain campsites throughout the brilliantly colored rocks. At the entrance a fee is paid and camping can be arranged.

And here the best part of the trip comes: ever imagined to camp under the desert’s sky full of stars? The space is so ample that you will feel alone with your own private camping spot all the time.

I arrived in the camping area at evening after a long journey from the Etosha National Park, I found a sandy camping spot near an Acacia tree filled with delicate nests of the Masked weaver bird.

Rocks are the color of rust and ochre.

I put up the tent and enjoyed the gorgeous view watching the sunset drinking a glass of dry South African white wine.

The Spitzkoppe area is a camper’s dream

Campsites are located in a variety of interesting rock formations leading to trails. You can get to most campsites by a regular car, but a 4-wheel drive is better. Note: there is no water on the campsites and only some have toilets. But the scenery is absolutely spectacular!

“That’s life!” I thought. To enjoy life and its simple moments like building a tent in the desert.

Have you ever spent one or more days fully in touch with Nature listening to its sounds sitting by a beautiful fire under the night sky?

You should try this experience.

When I was there, I was afraid of wild animals and snakes but, fortunately, I met only a jackal looking for food: It was scared more than me and it ran away quickly when it saw me making some noise.

What “awesome” truly means

If the sunset was spectacular, only when the night felt I was reminded what the overused word “awesome” truly means.

The stars stretched from horizon to horizon, gleaming in the dry air, unfettered by light or air pollution.

I always thought the desert night was cold. Not in the Spitzkoppe desert. Only at around 4 in the morning the temperature inside the tent dropped suddenly down and I fell asleep without thinking of being into a sauna.

I woke up at sunrise and had breakfast on the rocks: well worth walking around and doing a bit of climbing to enjoy the best early morning sunlight of the desert when, minute by minute, the sky grows lighter and the air from fresh became warmer and warmer. Like the stars of the past night, It has been special too.

by @lucaoliveri90

Namibia – where dunes are mountains

If you liked this “awesome” experience, you can find the full video of my Namibian trip here:

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