3 days in New York

3 days in New York for the long weekend of 8 December represent an ideal mini-vacation to unwind.

Manhattan Bridge – Luca Oliveri

New York, “the big apple”, “the city of dreams”

Also known as  “the big apple” or “the city of dreams” New York is one of the most desired cities in the world, one of the metropolises where every dream can come true, especially after the lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

A full week is the ideal time to visit it, but if we only have 4 days, what to see?

Arlo Nomad – Manhattan – Luca Oliveri

Day 1 – Brooklyn

I would dedicate the first day to Brooklyn, simply walking through the streets or along the river, the East River, admiring the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. A mandatory photo is the one that can be taken from the intersection between Front St and Whashington St.

That point is definitely Instagrammable and therefore you have to prepare to find some people there, but with a little of patience you can surely take the perfect photo for your social networks

For lunch, I chose Seamore’s Dumbo, where I enjoyed an excellent sandwich with poached egg and avocado.

In December, it gets dark quite early and at around 4.30pm the sunset sets everything on fire. All that remains is to take a nice walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, relaxing by walking along this iconic New York attraction, take some photos with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop and then return to the mainland and head towards the Brooklyn Bridge Park area.

There, the view of the Manhattan skyline is impressive and when the sun sinks to the horizon and everything turns orange and then purple it seems to be in an alien landscape. It will be one of the best views of New York, along with the one from Rockefeller Center you will see the day next.

Brooklyn Bridge – Luca Oliveri

Day 2 – Rockefeller Center and Time Square

I spent the morning taking some pictures in the beautiful room with a view of the Arlo Nomad hotel where I stayed, and then going out for a walk towards Time Square and having lunch at the Italian restaurant ‘Da Tony’ near there.

The best time, in my opinion, to climb the ‘Top of the Rock’ is another time, the sunset. Tickets cost $50 at that time of the day. Climb around 4pm to enjoy the sunset at the top at 4.30pm. The view of the Empire State Building from up there and of the concrete jungle that is Manhattan is stunning.

If the view is dizzying and might scare someone, I experienced a pleasant feeling of serenity. Certainly, once you get off, in the dark and after the city lights had already lit up, the memory that you will carry in your heart will be unforgettable.

Don’t miss the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and maybe an ice skating

Top of the Rock – Rockefeller Center – Luca Oliveri

Day 3 – Central Park and the MOMA

Central Park is a must to do. In December the trees lost most of their leaves, but on a sunny day a walk through the park restores your energy. There is also the option of ice skating with a skyline view for around $20.

The MOMA is the Museum of Modern Arts. I begin by saying that it is a famous museum, a must-visit, but it is strange. Modern art is always something on the edge, so you should certainly not expect the classic works of art present in another very famous New York museum: the MET.

Where to sleep?

There are fantastic hotels of every level in New York. One of the prerogatives of the city is obviously the feeling of being inside a concrete jungle. Why not choose a room with a great view of New York? I recommend the Arlo Nomad hotel. Upon your arrival, ask for one of the King Sky rooms on the higher floors to enjoy a splendid view of the city from the glass window. It is one of the 10 best room view hotels in New York.

Arlo Nomad – King Sky Room – Luca Oliveri