Aurora Igloo

Northern Lights

A solitary glass igloo in the middle of the lake

Think about this: A solitary place in the middle of a frozen lake during the Lappish winter, plus 21 degrees celsius inside that let you stay lazy in your glass igloo, minus 26 degrees celsius outside, a spectacular view from your bed of the wild nature just some meters from you. And when the polar night comes the Northern Lights spectacle begins just in front of you. At least this was my hope.

Driving through Lapland, the first day

In February I spent 2 nights at the Aurora Igloo Hotel in Jokkmokk.

From Lulea airport it’s about a 200kms drive in a snowy and peaceful landscape. Jokkmokk is the crossroads between the airport and Kiruna, a famous Swedish place for winter holidays.

I met Bjorn, the Aurora Igloo host, some minutes after midday on monday and shortly after the presentations he brings me to the private parking lot. The igloo is nearby after a short walk through the frozen forest. This short walk is amazing, cold, dreamy.

Then the igloo appears: around only the icy lake, the white forest trees, the coldest temperature I’ve ever lived, the crackling of my feet on the snow and the sparkling frosty air trough the nose and the mouth. I closed my eyes and I felt a sense of freedom and serenity that I thought I had left somewhere.

Probably you can feel to be in the space or in a different planet because everything is white. Snow snow snow like you had never seen. I loved it.

the glass igloo

Intimate moments inside the igloo, a life experience

Inside there’s a kitchen, a toilet and the main room with a double comfortable bed. And on the bed a complimentary basket with Chardonnay Wine and a spiced one.

“Drink this hot, you’ll love it” said Bjorn

We tried hot that evening and it seemed like the italian “Vin Brulé”. So good!

May you imagine the beauty you can see from the room?

It’s extraordinary better than each other Lappish Igloo hotel I’ve ever seen because, there, you are alone and you don’t have to share your Northern Lights emotions with other guests. Your Aurora polar experience will be exclusive. The lake in front of your eyes is only for you and your dreaming soul.

I lighted a campfire, I have been sit down on the snow, I spent the late afternoon there waiting for the sun falling behind the horizon with the roaring sparks of the flames jumping on the icy snow.

Can you ever imagine about a better intimate moment?

a campfire on the snow

Northern Lights SHOW at Aurora Igloo

When the night came the Northern Lights appears in the clear sky.

It’s Mother Nature’s greatest spectacle, a mesmerizing and spellbinding light show upon you eyes into the infinte night sky.

This lightshow originates 93 million miles away on the surface of the Sun and travels across the frozen wastes of spaces.

There are lots of myths about Norther Lights: cultures across the north understood them through imagery that ranges from poetic to somber to horrifying; for the Sámi people, for example, the lights were energy from the souls of deceased ancestors. When the lights appeared, people were to behave solemnly. Disrespecting them could result in sickness or even death.

What I did, it was simply to lay down on the icy snow looking at the sky when the lights appears strong in a way I had never seen, neither in Finland nor in Iceland. My heart was trembling when the green Aurora Borealis lights were dancing above my head. It has been the first time I could see its waves clear with the naked eye. Exciting and unforgivable.

aurora borealis

During the day you can take part at some activities like snowmobile tour in the surroundings or icebath in the frozen lake in front of your igloo. I took part at both activities but the icebath is something special: you will take your body out of its normal state of equilibrium and it feels regenerating! After the initial fear I loved that moment.


One night at the Aurora Igloo Hotel is ok but if you want to enjoy completely the adventure I suggest you to spend  at least 2 nights. Your time, there, will be rewarded with an exclusive personal and intimate experience.


Nordic primitive luxury, your private island for 48 hours

A life experience …

Luca Oliveri into the forest

Ever thought about escaping for 48 hours this loud and crowded world and being surrounded by untouched nature and silence?

Yes? I did, and it has been amazing.

I loved every single moment of that singular life experience.

In perfect harmony with its surroundings, there is a private island retreat, not far from Stockholm, that allows you to experience life at your own pace, minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day.

Isolated cabins in the north of Europe

Ever listen about isolated cabins, in the north of Europe, immersed in fantastic natural landscapes?

KABIN Sweden is one of them: a small cabin on a small private isolated island in the middle of nowhere.

If you’re interested in this kind of experience, this is the right place for you.

Go on reading…

The island is in the middle of Lake Fjärden, renowned for its natural scenery and unspoiled landscapes.

You will have 48 hours of freedom to roam nature

You will have 48 hours of freedom to roam nature. This is the principle!

Skinny-dipping in a lake, picking wild berries, lying on a springy bed of moss, or taking your canoe out for a spin.

Let’s start from the beginning!

We arrived by car in a private parking lot. Then we met Jeroen, the owner of the cottage. He brought us by boat to the island and illustrated us the practical informations we needed.

“Here there is the food and some recipes…here there is the wood for the fire!”

Then he went away and left us alone.

My 48 hours “detox” time started. This is a dream!

You can live the place alone, with your partner, your family or with your friends. I assure you it will be extraordinary.

Your stay will be completed with organic vegetarian meals based on the permaculture design principles.

Kabin Sweden forest

I miss so much warming the bread in the chimney, the morning, for breakfast.

Food has another flavor when you cook it with time and passion! Discovering new flavors, mixing vegetables or vegan meals, finding your best recipe is so pleasant.

During summer there is plenty of time because the sunset is late in the evening and, also at midnight, there is a slice of sunlight at the horizon.

There are times when a man doesn’t know anymore what to do or how to rediscover himself in an enormously fast-changing world.

Stop. Freeze the time and listen to nothing than nature sounds!

It’s good to have time to contemplate things thinking about life when, in the silence, you’re fully connected with the world around you!

Have you ever spent an evening sitting around the fire, among its sparks, in the dim calm of the sunset?
It’s an ancestral charm that reminds us of a distant past when we lived in the open air and gathered around the fire to tell stories or live a moment of relaxation.

Luca Oliveri at Kabin Sweden

When you come back, when the curtain closes and you return into civilization you will miss so much that place. You would like to live again and again and again that fantastic experience where everything is perfect and where, into the forest, you lost your mind and found your soul.

Thank you Jeroen to let this happens.